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CBC Lesson from 7th to 13th of July

Unit 1 - The Rich Young 

Matthew 19:16-22

Teach children that we should do God’s will, and say no to our own.

“Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)


             Educator, start this moment asking the following question: Children, if you had the opportunity of seeing Jesus and getting close to Him, it would be so nice, right? Jesus is here, among us, although we cannot see Him. But let us say that you had lived in the past, during the time He was in this world, and you had the opportunity of asking something, what would you ask? Educator, listen to two children and conclude by saying: Today I am going to tell you about a young man who had the opportunity to ask a question to the Lord Jesus. Let us know what did he ask? Then pay attention, it is about to start.


            ONCE UPON a time, there was a very rich young man who knew the Word of God. One day, this young man went to the place where the Lord Jesus was and asked Him what he could do to live in heaven.
            That young boy was interested on divine salvation. Little friends, we also should care about our salvation, for Jesus is preparing a very special place in heaven for those who obey and do His will.
            The Lord Jesus said to the young man that, if he wanted to have eternal life, that is, living in heaven, he should keep the commandments of the Word of God.
            The young man, very interested, asked about what commandments Jesus was talking about, and He answered: “Do not kill, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give false testimony to anybody, respect your father and mother, love others as you love yourself.”
            The rich young ruler answered he already knew all those commandments, and asked if there was something missing.
            Jesus said that, to be perfect, he should sell everything he had and give the money for the poor people; this way he would have many riches in heaven. After doing all this things, he could follow Him and become His disciple.
            Class, imagine, becoming a disciple of Jesus! How wonderful, is not it? Being always close to Him, helping people, seeing miracles, listening to the Words of Jesus, how strong! Who would like to have this opportunity?
            Little friends, do you know what the rich young ruler did? (Wait participation) He was very sad, for he did not want to give his great wealth. Those words let the young man outraged because he did not want to let go his riches, thus losing the opportunity of being a servant of the Lord Jesus.

Ler foneticamente

            The rich young ruler left undone what Jesus had asked him to do his own will, and disobeyed God with this attitude. Children, God teach us the path we should follow. However, He did not make us to follow Him. Many times our own will are contrary to the will of God, so we should strain to make His will and not our own. Amen?


Educator, you write on office paper the words: disobedience, lie, bad words, fighting. Take to your class 3 meters of ribbon (synthetic or cetin), newspaper (Folhinha Universal) and masking tape. Start this moment by choosing a child to participate of the demonstration and to another child who will be sitting in the back will be given the newspaper. Carefully tie up the ribbon on the waist of the chosen kid and hold the end of it. Educator, glue the paper on your shirt with masking tape and start saying the following: Class, let us read what is written on this paper? (Read with your class). It is written: disobedience, lie, bad words, fighting. Children, I am representing all of these things written here and he/she (point to the chosen kid) represents people who wish to serve God. Let us say that he/she wants to evangelize (say the name of the last kid in your classroom), to give him/her the newspaper (show it) and ask him/her to go to church. Let us see if he/she can make it?
Educator, you ask the chosen kid to give a few steps, but do not drop the ribbon. He/she will certainly have difficulty of going to the end of the classroom.  The goal is to prevent him/her to get to the last kid. Ask him/her to give the newspaper. Surely he/she will say that cannot do that because is stuck. Then explain: Class, just as I am preventing him/her (point to the chosen kid) of getting to (say the name of the last kid of the class again), so sin (point to the paper), disobedience, lie, bad words, fighting prevent people to do God’s will. How can we serve God if we are stuck in wrong things? Levi, when accepted Jesus and became a disciple, left behind all the wrong things, stopped deceiving people and started helping them. So, if you have been doing something wrong, ask God for forgiveness and change your behavior, getting rid of disobedience and wrong things (educator, untie the chosen kid and ask him/her to give the newspaper to the last kid of the class .Do you see now? He/she is free and is able to please God. Who here wants to serve God say “amen”.



Making the picture nice

Paint and glue little crepe paper balls on the frame.


Calculating and painting

The rich young ruler did his own will. Add the numbers and, according to the result, paint the picture with the respective colors.


Expanding and answering

The rich young ruler knew the Word of God but he wanted to do his own will.
Make the picture in the biggest square.

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