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CBC Lesson from 24th to30 th of June


Matthew 4.18-22

Teach children that we should speak of Jesus to people.

“And he who wins souls is wise.” (Proverbs 11.30)


Educator, take to classroom a picture of a refrigerator filled with frozen fish (easy to find on the internet). Start the introduction by asking: Who here has ever seen, in the supermarket refrigerator, frozen fish like these? (Show the picture). Have you ever thought how did they go there? (Wait participation). We all know that fish live in the sea and there is a specific occupation to those who fish the fish. You know how to call these professionals? (Wait participation) Fishermen! That's it. The profession of fisherman is very old and important, because there are countries whose inhabitants mainly eat fish. What would these people do if there were not fishermen, right? And speaking of fisherman, I will tell you about several fishermen on today’s story. Do you want to hear? So pay close attention.


ONE DAY Jesus was passing by the lake of Galilee when he saw two fishermen. They were brothers, one was called Simon Peter and the other was called Andrew. They were great businessmen for they had many boats to fish a lot of fishes. Jesus passed near them and called them by saying: Come with me and you will be, from today on, fishermen of people; at that same time they dropped their fishing nets and followed the Lord Jesus.
Do you know what is to be a fisherman of people? (Wait participation). Fishing people is the same of evangelizing, wining souls for the kingdom of God. From that day on, Simon Peter and Andrew were becoming disciples of Jesus.
Later Jesus saw James and John who were also brothers and fishermen. They were in the boat mending the nets with their father Zebedee. And as He did with Simon Peter and Andrew, Jesus also called them, and they left everything behind and went with Jesus.
You know, kids, Jesus was choosing those men because they would be His disciples, His servants. Class, what Jesus said to those men, He says it now for all those who give their lives to Him. Jesus wishes to make us fishermen of people, that is, winners of souls.
Many people suffer in this world, right? Many children with your age suffer with their destroyed families, and they do not know Jesus can help them. That is why we should speak of Jesus to everyone we know, understood?


            We should do like Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John: to speak of Jesus to our friends and bring them to church. Can Jesus count on you? Than say “amen”! That is right, behaving like this we will be pleasing God.

         Educator, take to your classroom pictures of pastors/bishops on the altar (easy to find on Folha Universal, magazines and UCKG websites) preaching, people evangelizing (educators of , youngers of YVG and evangelists), and make a poster with those pictures.
            Start the fun chat by saying the following: Children, we learned from today’s story that Jesus called Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John to be fishermen of people. In fact, they were very important fishermen of people, do you know why? They were very important because they won many souls for the kingdom of God. In the Bible there are many examples of how those men were used by God.
            Now see these people (slowly show the pictures). They are doing what the disciples of Jesus did, they are fishing people, evangelizing and preaching the Word of God. Little friends, Jesus wishes to make each one of us a soul winner. So, we should make an effort and invite our friends, neighbors and family to come to the House of God.
            Jesus counts on each one of us, as He counted on with the disciples in the past. If you want to be a disciple of Jesus, pray for Him asking Him to teach you and help you to bring many people to church. Amen?
            How about a prayer now? Stand up and place your hand on your heart, I am going to pray with you. (Educator, make a prayer asking God to make of them His disciples). After the prayer, ask the kids to sit down and ask the following questions:
            1. Who here has even invited a friend to come to church? Did he/she come? How did you feel about it?
            2. Who here wish to win many souls to Jesus?
            3. Do you think it is important to speak of Jesus to people?
            4. In your opinion, how does God feel when He sees a servant of Him evangelizing?
            Educator, you let the children express themselves and give opportunity for those who wish to speak. However, control your time for not delaying other steps of the class. In the end, using the poster of the week, memorize the verse of the week with the kids.




Paint the fishes that Simon Peter and
Andrew fished before being helper of Jesus.


Keen eye

Simon Peter and Andrew obeyed and followed the Lord Jesus.
Paint the picture referring to what happened in the story.


Telling the story

 Watch the scenes and describe the happenings of this week’s story.

Your Opinion is Very Important

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