Saturday, 28 September 2013

What to do in the 21 Days?

Dear Educator,
Our obedience is what pleases God, so let us obey and lead the children to follow God's direction too!


Tamika said...

Mrs Ligia, the Video was very clear and beutiful, i loved every secound of it, i know exactly what to do now its clearer thanks to the post!,


Tamika said...

Mrs. Ligia, thank you so much for the Video, it was really clear and simple, aswell as beutiful, it was broken down well, and becuase of it i have a much better understanding of what is expected,

Tamika - CBC BRIXTON, xx

Aninha Lyma said...

It's so helpfull the children's they're so excited on this fast even those are from the first time understood how to be closer to God even the parents wants to bring their card to church ,because most of them are at school lol , such a pleasure to see our children conected with God .
Aninha Lyma CBC Trinidad & Tobago.

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