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CBC Lesson plan Campaign of Israel from 08th to 14th November

Educator, start your lesson talking with your class the following: children, who here has heard of Joshua ? Wait for answer . Today we'll talk about it . After the death of Moses , Joshua was tasked with the job of guiding the Israelites . Under his leadership , the people took possession of the land of Canaan, and in this way God fulfilled another part of the promise made ​​to Abraham ( Genesis 12:3 ) . Pay attention and see how it all happened .
God told Joshua, " - My servant Moses is dead . Now you and all the people of Israel to prepare to cross the Jordan River into the land which I will give you . You will never be defeated . I am with you as I was with Moses. Never forsake you . Be strong and very courageous ! Take care and live according to all the law that my servant Moses gave you . Do not deviate from it at all and you will succeed anywhere you go " . (Joshua 1.2-9 ) Children , Joshua needed to obey God just as each of us .
Joshua gave some orders to the Israelites leaders and men did as he was told .
It was harvest time and the river waters had covered the margins . It was then that the people left the camp to cross the Jordan . The priests led the way, taking the Ark of the Covenant . Children, the Ark of the Covenant today is the Bible . When they reached the Jordan and put their feet in the water, it stopped running and was piled on top of the river . At the bottom, the river dried up completely like with the Dead Sea. So the people went to the other side, near Jericho .
When all had passed, the ark and the priests also went and stood in front of the people. After the priests came out of the Jordan, and stepped on dry land, the river began to run again and covered the edges as before . See how God cares for each of us kids!
The gates of Jericho were very well sealed, not to let the Israelites entered . No one could enter or leave the city.
" The Lord said to Joshua: - Look ! I 'm giving you the city of Jericho, with its king and its brave soldiers . Now you and the Israelite soldiers march around the city once a day for six days. In front of the ark of the covenant, will let seven priests, each carrying a ram's horn trumpet . On the seventh day you and the soldiers will march seven times around the city, and the priests shall blow with the trumpets . "When they take a long tap, all the people shall shout aloud , and then the city wall will fall . Then each will advance directly to the city . (Joshua 6:2-5 )
" Joshua called the priests, and said: - Load up the ark of the covenant, and let seven priests stay in front with trumpets . " (Joshua 6:6)
" He said to them: - Begin to march around the city ! And the soldiers march in front of the ark of God the LORD "( Joshua 6:7)
Then Joshua commanded the priests gave a ride around the city, carrying the ark of the covenant . Then they returned to camp and spent the night there.
On the second day once again marched around the city and returned to camp. They did this for six days.
On the seventh day rose at dawn and marched around the city seven times in the same day. It was only on that day they gave seven laps around the city. In the seventh round, when the priests just blow the trumpets.  Joshua said to the people " - Shout Now! The LORD is handing Jericho to you "( Joshua 6:16)
Then the priests blew the trumpets . As soon as the people heard this sound , shouted with all the strength , and the wall fell . Then all rose , entered the city and took it .

This is The Campaign of Israel, the opportunity to overthrow our problems , delivering them to God. Children need to be strong , brave and determined as Joshua . Just believe in the prophecies of the Word of God and they will be fulfilled in our lives . God promised Abraham , Isaac , Israel , Moses , Joshua, but now the prophecy is our, is for all who believe.  So friends, strive enough, come this way, so you are also winners , like Joshua. Be Obedient and Courageous.
Remember, God has chosen you , and you can drop by their faith the walls of problems .
Educator , prepare in advance a big drawing of a wall ( a big wall .) Can be the size of two sheets of brown paper or cardboard . Cole on one wall of the room and invite the children to write their problems on a piece of paper. So they are not embarrassed , stick them in a way that applications are not visible , can be overturned . Every day you talk about Campaign of Israel , ask them to write the problem and sticking on the wall . At the end of the way, fold the wall with the problems , put the center of the room ( or space to give the kids standing around ) and , together with the children , in one voice , ask them to cry , thinking about the problem as well as Joshua did . Then pray with them and give problems to the pastor burn .

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