Saturday, 14 December 2013

CBC Lesson plan Campaign of Israel from 15th to 21st November

Take the kids to understand the spirit of the Campaign of Israel, showing that God wants us to be strong and courageous to obey God.

"... I'll teach you the way where you should go, I will guide you and guide you." Psalms 32:8  


Educator, begin today's lesson by asking the children who are in the Campaign of Israel . Stay tuned to their response. Then ask them to stay alert, because you'll learn a little more regarding this purpose that will change the lives of those who participate.

Joshua and the Hebrew people entered the new land of Canaan. This was a great victory won my little friends ... They found that most of the people who lived there were enemies. So too, we have our spiritual enemies that must be overcome.
The great city of Jericho was near the Jordan River. She was surrounded by high walls of stone. The king of Jericho was not pleased to see the Hebrews approaching. Children, the king of Jericho represents our enemy that is not pleased when we getting close to our victory .
- We will attack them if they get too close, he told his soldiers.
Joshua knew that Jericho was an enemy city. God told him: " - You will face the people of Jericho, but fear not . I will help you win the battle. " ( Joshua 6 . 7 ) Therefore God also speaks to you , he is with you all minutes of your life! That
is prophecy.
God gave Joshua a plan in a special battle. Joshua told the people that they
were to marching around the walls of Jericho, without speaking . Four priests would carry the ark four other priests would blow trumpets.
The Hebrew people did what God commanded, marched around the city for six days. Each day surrounded the city once and then returned to his camp. That was exactly what God had told them to do. They obeyed God, and this requires a lot of courage. Friends, you knew that courage depends on faith? That's right child, if lacking courage, lack faith.
The people followed obeying the command of God with faith and courage .
On the seventh day, the people marched again. But this time they marched around the city seven times. On the last lap, the priests blew their trumpets . So all the people shouted and the walls fell.
The people entered the city and took her from his enemies. God showed the people how to win the battle. And won because they did what God said.

You know friends , not enough faith to fulfill the dreams it takes courage to obey what the Spirit of God guides . That's what we do in this Campaign of Israel , hear His voice and obey. In this way, God commands us to be strong and courageous to overthrow the wall that surrounds our lives.  Be attentive to the voice of God and do like Joshua who received the Promise, obeyed and acted put into practice the will of God.

Educator, so now that you all built the walls in all the CBC’s, ask the children to stand up, holding their requests, ask them to attach it agains the wall of Jericho, some already did, then you will make a prayer to God preparing them for the walk and  to determine that wall will fall down and like God commanded we will march around the class in silence for 7 times and the last lap we will cry out to God with a loud voice saying for all bad things, behavior, lies, disobedience to fall down from our lives.

Ask the children to present their requests upon the bible and you should give it to your pastor or pastor’s wife straight after the meeting.

Be ready to hear in the days to come, testimonies from this Campaign as God was with Joshua, He is with You!





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Children Biblical Centre presents...

Children Biblical Centre presents...

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