Wednesday, 26 March 2014

CBC Lesson plan from 24th to 30th March

Biblical Reference, Luke 13.6-9

Purpose Of The Lesson, To teach the children that we have to ask for forgiveness and bear good fruits after we repent

Verse To Memorize  "...I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit..."
(John 15.16)


Start by asking, whose mum was spending time teaching them something but they never paid attention to then, they did everything wrong? How did your mum react? (Wait for their replies) Ah she got upset didn't she? No one likes to teach someone with no results. Let me tell you about someone, do you want to hear it? Pay attention.

The Tree without Fruits

One day a man planted a tree in the middle of his garden. He took care of it so much, with so much and care then the tree grew very nicely and beautiful. Then the man thought the tree was going to bear lots of fruits (figs) however it didn't happen for 3 years. He used to search for the tree but there was no fruit, just plain leaves. The man became very sad and upset, then he asked his servant to cut the tree, but the servant said no because he has hope that the tree would bear fruit and so he decided to keep it for one more year and this time make more effort to look after the tree.

In this story the owner of the earth is God, because we are the trees and fruits of our lives and behaviour. This is because we now know the Word of God. Before knowing the word of God we used to do wrong things and God wasn't pleased, but now we must do good to bear good fruits and God will be pleased with us.

For example the man that has the tree then had a servant and he said cut it down. We are like the tree for Jesus and when we don't bear fruits he always comes to help us. He always gives us another chance like the tree that still had one more year to grow and was going to be looked after with much love and care.


Don't forget that we are like the tree of God planted, we are here listening and learning the word of God, because he brought us here and every time he comes inside our hearts he wants to find good fruits, like obedience, love, kindness, patient, respect, etc. He wants a child that repents from doing wrong and will not disobey anymore , that will not lie or hit anymore. We now have to show God that you have changed an that you behave well and that you are different but also a child of God.

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