Thursday, 17 April 2014

CBC Lesson plan from 14th to 20th April

Biblical Reference: Luke 23,24 and John 20.17,18

Purpose Of The Lesson: Teaching the children that Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Verse To Memorize: ' He was buried and on the third day was resurrected...'
(1 Corinthians 15.4)


Ask the children the following: Who here does not like to be blamed for something, you did not do? (Expect them to respond). Is it good to be punished without having done anything wrong? wait for them to respond and then say: No one likes to be punished, even when we have done something wrong. The Bible speaks of a person who took the blame for all mankind without having done anything wrong, do you want to know who this person is? So lets pay attention and listen carefully.


We all want to be happy right? so let the story begin.
God sent His servants throughout the world to teach various people how to live according to His word and be happy but they did not listen and continued doing all that was wrong, To solve the problem, God took a very difficult attitude: He decided to send His only Son, Jesus, to suffer in our place and bring us freedom and joy. He had to die nailed to the cross and suffer with pain, sickness and humiliation, all to save mankind.That is the great Love of our God, do you agree kids? Children understand something, people who live far from God or despise Jesus' crucifixion lack true happiness. Do you know why? Because He is not dead! Three days after He died, Jesus rose. It was very early on a Sunday and the first person to see Him was Mary Magdalene. That's it! She went to the tomb where Jesus was, but when she arrived, the tomb was open and empty. Mary began cry because she thought someone had taken Jesus the body of Jesus, when suddenly, two angels appeared and told her not to cry anymore, because who she was looking for was Alive.What a joy! Jesus is alive, He conquered death! Mary saw Jesus right there in the garden in front of the tomb. She left there and went running to tell His disciples.


Because Jesus' sacrifice we have the right to live forever with God in heaven. Jesus is alive and that is why Easter is more than a reason to rejoice. This is when we are able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the victory He gave us!  His son died in our place, let us rejoice, kids!
Jesus is alive.


Toddlers- Lets Colour in!

Primary- Paint the Scene

Juniors - Puzzle

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