Monday, 13 February 2017

Welcome 21 Days Fast of Daniel

Hello dear All,
Its great to be back in our blog! And what a great opportunity we have to be engaging in the 21 Days fast of the Holy Spirit, for a total life transformation.

And you probably be asking? Why should I participate in the Daniel's Fast?

Understand how this purpose will help the whole family. Is everything good on television that will support you and your child? How many times have worried about the movie or the novel he was watching? How many times did you hear your daughter singing a song that was not fit for her age - or for any age? 
Those who have children at home know how many inapropriate things the world presents: television, radio, movies, and even some books. The internet, then is a land without law. And you as a parent, as an educator, should be careful. Daniel's Fasting is the opportunity that families have to guard agaisnt the worldly content thrown over us everyday. The Bible teaches that we should show the children the way they should walk early: "Teach the child the way he should go, and when he is old, he shall not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6.

Its a period of "cleaning". During these 21 days of fasting, protect your home from harmful content. Take advantage to give more space to christian content. A good option for the children is to watch christian videos, spend quality time with their family, investing in a good and health habit, the app Univer brings the kids session, with a great variety of animation for the little ones. The app offers movies and other options for the whole family.

But remember: that is a time to clean your home from everything that is harmful. Read the Bible, and meditate on the word of God, take time to pray with your family, specially your kids! Help everyone on your home, regardless of age, participate in Daniel's Fast. Although not easy, its essential. Share on social networks the link of the program everyday at 10pm.

Fasting is open to all who long for something more in their life with God, a greater commitment to Him, the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and a spiritual revival. Get ready for that purpose that will bring a source of benefits to further strengthen your faith.

Are you going to participate in Daniel's fast? Have you participated in others? What were the results? Tell your experience in the comments.


Unknown said...

Hello my name is Sharon Mitchell I am a CBC educator at the Plaistow Branch I have participated in 21 days fast of Daniel in the past and I am taking part in this one each time I do the fast I get clarity of mind and my relationship with God get stronger. my son has also participated in the past and in he is doing this one. I have watched him grow and develop each time it is truly a blessing.

Unknown said...

I have previously took part in 21 days,each 21days God wants something from us whether is something to work on,something to change, reflection on your spiritual State. This 21days is been special to me,God renewing everything about me and my love for him increasing even more. The love for souls increased.although as educator we know that the children and parents are souls,until God reveals to you how important your work is in Cbc,you just see it in physical eyes.enjoying each day of this fast!

Unknown said...

Hello Dear cbc family.
It's been a privilege to be Educater in cbc since 2011".
I have participate in 21 days many times, and each time I seek God I have been received His spirit.
But in all them only one I have been Baptised with the Holy Spirit �� �� ��.
My character is starting change and the desire for souls and the love for the work of God was burning inside of me.
I thanks to be in cbc, because was in cbc I have learned God wants me to be came a child then I can grow.
And there when my first Love Started on me.
I started love to be around the cbc children, seek God with them, teaching about the right and the truth.
Teaching them how to please God with our best offering and our Tithe.
How can we save souls to God
How to used our faith.
All this I learned in cbc for myself first, them I started passing to the children.
This is my pleasure to be in cbc.
All started in me.
I am blessed true the cbc.

Unknown said...

Hi am a CBC educater at Plaistow Branch. I have taken part in the 21 day fast of Daniel before. Each fast is always better than the last. It helps me know and fall in love with our Lord more, builds my character and helps me have a strong desire to win souls. I would recommed it each time.

Unknown said...

I have participated in the Fast of Daniel before and I am participating again because each one strengthens me and remove what does not belong in my mind. In the previous Fast I learned that I can live without social media etc and I am looking forward to learn more from this Fast. Seretha Forde, Plaistow.

Ayedee said...

Good morning....

Yes I am definitely in this fast because I want to detox not just from the things of this world but Ive been so busy with ao many things that without realising it, my mind was becoming fuller and fuller, they were even good things but the problem is that nothing can occupy my mind more than the Holy Spirit.... i will definitely be revived from this purpose!

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