Monday, 7 November 2011

Testimony from Bullring!

Testimony from Bullring

Hi Mrs Graziela,

I just wanted to share something with you and hopefully the rest of the biblical educators.

The children in Bullring absolutely LOVE the 'Holy Spirit song', they learnt the song and the movements very quick, quicker than some of the biblical educators actually, lol; some of the children even say it is their favourite song!

There is a little girl who attends the CBC who is 3 years old; her mother was telling me that one day, very early in the morning whilst asleep, she heard her daughter from the other room singing the Holy Spirit song, which woke her up.  She said, she was wondering where she knew that song from, she wondered if it was a song from her own collection and how her daughter could possibly know the words.  She said she just laid in bed and listened to her and thought, 'How cute!'  This little girl had her own quiet time praising and inviting God to be with her in that moment.

Her mother explained that it was only a few weeks later, she heard some children including her daughter singing the same song in the church, and that is when she realised her daughter knew the song from the CBC.  More recently, the same little girl had a doctors appointment and she began singing the 'Holy Spirit song' to the Doctor, lol.

Also, please find attached to this email, photos of our new prayer box which was a lot of fun to make.

Thank you for your time,

In Faith,
Kimberley x

Thanks for sharing Kimberley! I love the decorated prayer boxes!!! Well Done!


Elisa Nascimento said...

This is a very cute story, but more importantly, it shows that our work is starting to bear fruits! We want to hear the same about many more little girls and boys in all CBCs across the UK.

By the way, nice prayer box!!!

Tania said...

Our children are getting firm in Jesus! It's amazing to see the results of our work, when we sow with love, with love we reap!

Let's keep with the hard work :) Saving little souls!! :)

Brilliant boxes! Loved it!

Sibon said...

This is great to hear. It shows that CBC is sowing good seeds in these children

I love the boxes Kimberly. Very creative.

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