Saturday, 7 January 2012

Visual Resources - The Power of Prayer

Hello Dear Biblical Educators,

Check below visual resources and different activities for the lesson "The Power of Prayer".

A Prayer Request Box

And a verse on the top

Look how you can decorate it!!!

We can use this idea and decorate it in different ways.


Age 2-3 Yrs

* Allow children to draw about prayer. Their drawing might be a boy or girl with their family - meaning, they are making a prayer request for their family.

Age 4-7 Yrs

* Think quick - Children need to make a circle, they need to have a soft ball that can be thrown between them. The child starting needs to throw the ball to other, and this one who is getting the ball, very quickly needs to say something that they want to pray for. Example "I pray for my friends" ; "I pray for all Biblical Educators" ; "I pray for my Teachers", etc. Everything needs to be very quick, they cannot stop to think.

* "I went to CBC to pray for..." - One child starts and says this sentence, adding something that she wants to pray for, e.g. "my family". The child after, needs to repeat "I want to CBC to pray for my family and my friends", next child needs to repeat all the sentence from the beginning and always adding something new. When a child forgets to say something that already passed, needs to leave the game.

Age 8-10 Yrs

* Play - Scenario: A boy called Steve was not so good at school, his grades were very low, he was bullied and he didn't like school. A little girl called Diane saw this, and invited him to come to the CBC. There, a Biblical Educator taught him about the power of prayer, so he prayed to God about how he was feeling... And then what happened? - Children need to do the characters and develop their imagination to play this story and finish this story.

And as allways... Don't forget to share your ideas with us!!!

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Sandra Ulume said...

This lesson worked really well, it was great :-)
Children understood indeed how powerful prayer is and we continued it up until Wednesday.

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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