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CBC Lesson from 10th to 16th of March

Hello Biblical Educators this Sunday will be a special day for many reasons but it is also mother's day so don't forget to prepare the gifts for the mothers to show them how special they are. 

Matthew 4.18-20 and Acts 3.1-10
Teach children that we should bring many people to the House of God.
“Come, follow me…and I will send you out to fish for people.” (Matthew 4.19)
Educator, take to class a picture of a refrigerator full of frozen fishes (easy to find in web sites). Start the introduction by asking: Who here has ever seen, in the supermarket’s refrigerator, frozen fishes like these ones? (Show the pictures). Have you thought how did they get there? (Wait participation) We all know that fishes live in the sea and there is a specific occupation for those who fish them. Do you know how are called these professionals? (Wait participation). Fishermen! That’s right. The occupation of a fisherman is very old and important because there are countries where its inhabitants feed mainly on fish. What would these people do if there were not fishermen, right? And speaking of fishermen, I am going to tell you a story about a very special fisherman. Do you want to hear? So, pay close attention.
BEFORE STARTING his mission here in this world, Jesus has chosen men to be
His disciples. You know, kids, before following Jesus, these men had their jobs and lived their lives with the family. Peter was one of the chosen by Jesus. He and his brother Andrew had a fishing company. Peter was a great fisherman.
It happened that, one day, Peter and his brother were fishing when Jesus passed by next them and said: “Come with me and I will teach you who to be fisher of men.” Do you know what they did? (Wait participation). They left everything behind and followed Jesus.
Peter must have thought weird the idea of fishing men. Have you already seen
anyone fishing people? (Wait participation). When Jesus spoke of fishing people He was talking about winning souls to the kingdom of God. Peter and his brother accepted that invitation; they left everything behind and became his disciples. Many people were blessed and saved through them.
One man who was born crippled used to stay at the door of the Temple begging
for the people who passed by. The Bible says that one day, Peter and John went to pray and saw the man sitting there at the door. He stretched out his hand to ask for money to the disciples. Peter asked the man to look at him. The crippled certainly thought that would gain something but he could not imagine what would happen in his life at that moment.
Then, Peter said: “I do not have any money but what I have, I give to you: by the power of the Name of Jesus Christ, from Nazareth, stand up and walk.” Little friends, that is so strong! After saying those words, Peter reached out his hand to the crippled who soon stood up. He started walking and got into the temple jumping of joy, thanking God for that great miracle. The people who were in that place were looking and asking to each other: “Is this the beggar, the crippled who asked for money at the door of the temple?”
What a great wonder God fulfilled through peter, is not it? He definitely became a true disciple of Jesus. We also should do as Peter: to speak of Jesus to our friends and lead him to the church. Who will do that say “amen”. That’s right! This way, we will be pleasing God.
Educator, take to class pictures of pastors/bishops on the altar preaching and
people evangelizing such as educators of , Youth Victory Group and evangelists (easy to find in UCKG publications). Make a poster with those pictures.
Start the fun chat by saying the following: Children, we learned on today’s story
that Jesus called Peter to be a fisher of men. And he was, indeed, an important fisher of men, you know why? Because he won many souls to the kingdom of God. The Bible says, in the book of Acts, that in one single preaching Peter was used by God in such a special way that three thousand people decided to baptize and surrender to Jesus that day. It is so strong, is not it?
Now, see these people (show the pictures slowly). They are doing like Peter.
They are fishing men, that is, evangelizing and preaching the Word of God. Little
friends, Jesus wishes to make each one of us a soul winner. So, we should strive and invite our friends, neighbors and family to come to the House of God.
Jesus is counting on every one of us, just as he counted on the disciples in the
past. If you wish to be a disciple of Jesus, pray asking Him to teach you to bring many people to church. Amen?
How about a prayer now? Then, stand up and place your hands on your hearts
and I will pray with you (educator, make a prayer asking God for all to be His disciples).
After the prayer, ask the kids to sit down and ask the following questions:
1. Who here already invited a friend to come to church? Did he/she come? How
did you feel about it?
2. Who here wishes to win many souls to Jesus?
3. Do you think it is important to speak of Jesus to people?
4. In your opinion, how does God feel when He sees a servant of Him
Educator, let the kids express themselves and give opportunity for those who
wish to speak. However, control the time for not delaying other steps of the class. At the end, using the poster of the week, memorize with the kids the verse of the week.

Painting. Paint the fishes that Peter fished before being a disciple of Jesus.
Painting and decorating. Jesus said to Peter that would make if him fisher of men. Glue blue crepe paper stripes on the waves.

Secret message. Copy the words following the increasing order of the numbers and find out the message.

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