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CBC Lesson from 17th to 23rd of March

Matthew 9.9
Teach children that we should serve God with all our hearts and give good example to people.
“ If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised…” (1Peter 4.11)
Take to class credit card, water, power bills, etc. Start by saying the following:
Who here has ever seen your parents separating bills to be paid? Did you know that we all pay an amount to the governing? This amount is called tax. Everybody pays taxes.
Nowadays, most of the taxes are collected with other bills. But at the time of Jesus it was not like that. There were men who worked charging taxes. These men were called publicans, or tax collector. Today’s story is about a tax collector. Let’s hear it?
MATTHEW WAS worker of Rome’s governing. He worked in a tax office, for he was a tax collector. Tax office was a place where people paid their taxes. You know, friends, many collectors took advantage to overcharge people so they kept the leftover. What a bad thing, right? That’s why so many people did not like collectors.
One day, Jesus passed close to the tax office; Matthew was working when Jesus looked at him and said: “Follow me”. And Matthew abandoned the tax office and followed Jesus. Just as Matthew, everyday many people come to follow Jesus because they surrendered their lives to Him and decided to do only what pleases Him. Before following Jesus, Matthew was not wanted by the people because of his occupation, but later everything changed. He became a disciple, started to help many people by saving, freeing and healing the sick ones in the Name of Jesus. Matthew was used by God to write the Gospel of Matthew, an important book of the Bible, in which he told everything that the Lord Jesus performed here in this world. In fact, when he accepted the invitation of Jesus, Matthew became a new person, completely modified and was willing to follow and serve God. Matthew did not win anything to be a disciple. But, the joy of being with Jesus and be able to help the suffered was enough. He had the power of God in his life. How wonderful, is not it?
Nowadays, many sons and daughters of God act like Matthew: they drop everything to become servants of God. Many pastors and their wives do that, did you know? (Wait participation). They teach the Word of God and their biggest joy is to win souls to God.
Matthew was widely used by God, and Jesus also wishes to use each one of us. How many people you know that, are far away of the House of God, right? When he was a collector, Matthew was poorly regarded by the neighbors and the people who went to pay taxes for him but, after he became disciple, everything changed. How nice! Jesus chooses those people who are rejected and made them His servants.
Jesus is looking for people who wish to do His will. Little friends, if you have been doing something wrong, ask God for forgiveness and change this behavior. This way, you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and can be also a great servant of God, just as the disciple Matthew.
Educator, write on office paper the words: disobedience, lie, bad words, fights. Take to class three meters of satin ribbon, a publication of UCKG (newspaper, flysheet or magazine), the written paper and masking tape. Choose a kid to participate of the demonstration and give him/her the publication. Tie up (carefully) the ribbon around the waist of the chosen kid and hold the tip. Educator, glue with masking tape the paper on your shirt. Start by saying the following: Class, let’s read what is written here on this paper: disobedience, lie, bad words, fights. Kids, I am representing all of this written here and he/she (Point to the chosen kid) represents people who wish to serve God. Let’s say that he/she wants to evangelize … (say the name of the last kid of the room) and wants to give him/her this publication (show it) and bring him to Jesus. Let’s see if he/she will fulfill it?
Educator, ask the chosen kid to give some steps but do not let go the tip of the ribbon. He/she will certainly have difficulty to get to the end of the room. The purpose is to prevent him/her to get to the last kid. Ask him/her to give the publication, but he/she will say that cannot walk because it is stuck. Then, explain: Class, just as I am preventing him/her (Point to the chosen kid) of getting to… (Say the name of the last kid again) so sin (Point to the paper),
disobedience, lie, bad words, fights prevent people to make God’s will. How can we serve God if we are stuck to wrong things? Matthew, when accepted Jesus and became a disciple, he has left behind all the wrong things, stopped deceiving people and started to help them. So, if you have been doing something wrong, ask God to forgive you and change your behavior, getting
rid of disobedience and wrong things (educator, untie the chosen kid and ask him/her to give the publication). Do you see now? He/she is free and now can please God. Who here wants to serve God say “amen”.

Finger painting. We should be kind and always say the truth. Using your little fingers, paint Matthew. Educator, use gouache for this activity.

What is wrong? Matthew was no longer a tax collector and became a disciple. Circulate what is not part of the scene.

Exercising what you learned.

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debbie said...

Today in CBC was a real blessing. After we shared the message with the children and did the activities, we spent some time seeking the Holy Spirit. Later in the afternoon I met a parent who told me that her son (6 years old) has determined that in Jesus name his mum is going to be rich!!! Amen to that!!! It just shows that even when we think the children are not listening, a seed is being planted which is already growing!

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