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CBC Lesson from 24th to 30th of March

Exodus 12.1-36
Teach children that, for us to receive salvation, we should be obedient.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3.16)

Educator, you will make the Passover symbols in a bigger size (see the activity of Sunday – primary), paint and glue it on cardboard, cut and glue with masking tape on the board of the class. Write their meanings below each symbol. Certainly, when reaching the room, the children will be curious to know what they mean. Start showing and saying:
Children, these are the symbols of Passover. (Show them, explaining what they represent). Conclude by saying: On today’s story, I am going to tell you how came the first Passover. Pay attention, it is about to start.
Educator, attention to the meanings of the symbols:
The lamb and the cross – the lamb without defect symbolizes Jesus, who would be sent to the world to die on the cross for our sins.
Grape juice - symbolizes the blood of Christ which one day would be shed for sins.
Unleavened bread – symbolizes the holiness people should have, for they should
remember they should not worship false gods.
Bitter herbs – it is the symbol of the bitter days of slavery in Egypt.

THE PEOPLE of God lived many years as slave in Egypt and, because of that, God sent Moses to save them. But the king of Egypt, Pharaoh, did not let the people to go away with Moses. So, God sent ten plagues to the land of Egypt. In the last plague, all the families of the people of God should anoint the doors of their houses with the blood of a lamb without defect. By doing so, they would be obeying to the command of God and would be protected from the plague.
In the last plague, the eldest children of the Egyptian died. However, the eldest
children of the people of Israel were safe from the death, for the plague did not enter in the marked house by the blood of the lamb. Moses obeyed and the people of Israel as well, and after that day God created the Passover, and every year the people of Israel gather to celebrate the deliverance from Egypt with lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs.
Little friends, God delivered His people and wishes mankind to be free from slavery of sin. The death of the lamb during the Passover symbolizes the death of the Lord Jesus, who is our paschal lamb. Jesus died on the cross so we could be forgiven from our sins. But He resurrected.
Jesus was arrested by soldiers and was taken to be interrogated and judged. He was punished, humiliated, hurt, and even without having done anything. They made a crown of thorns for Jesus and mocked Him. After carrying a very heavy cross, they crucified Jesus and put Him beside two thieves.
After so much suffering, He screamed out loud: “It is finished”. On Sunday, some women who were following Him went to the place where the body of Jesus was left, and when they got there, they found an opened tomb, and the body of Jesus was not there anymore. He had risen, was alive again. Yeay!

You see, little friends, how great is the love of God for us, right? So, we should do His will, for only He deserves all our love. Jesus was sacrificed to take away the sin of the world and bring us eternal life. He is the Lamb of God, amen!

Educator, start this moment by saying the following: Children, let us imagine that a very disobedient and messy boy broken the computer of the computer lab in his school. This boy was always making a mess and was so close to be suspended from school. But his brother, who is very obedient and polite, decides to take the blame, and says to the headmistress that his brother is not guilty and he accepts to be adverted by the damage of the computer.
In your opinion, from that day on, how the messy brother should treat the brother who has taken the blame? (Wait participation) He should please, respect and love him, right? He should take an effort not to cause any more problems, right? Friends, the Lord Jesus is the one who took our blame and died on the cross for us, so today we could have the right of eternal life in heavens with God. Therefore we should love the Lord Jesus with all our heart, and obey Him always, understand? Let us talk to Him now? (Educator, after the prayer, you
work the verse of the week with the children verifying if they understood the spirit of the message).

Sunday-For coloring. Paint well the Team of Faith celebrating the Passover.

Friday-Painting. Some women went to look after Jesus, but he was not there, for He was alive.

Sunday-For coloring. Let us color the symbols of Passover? After coloring, glue straws around the frame and hang it on your room. Educator, distribute soda straws for the class.

Friday- Expanding. The Israelites obeyed to God, and anointed their houses with the blood of the lamb. Observe the scene and draw it on the smaller square.


Sunday-True or false? Paint in red only the chalices with correct alternatives.
Friday- Remembering. Explain, with your words, the meaning of each symbol of Passover.

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