Saturday, 30 March 2013


The day I punch a boy (For TFTeen 

I loved having fun in the backyard of my house. While I was playing "cooking" with my dolls, my brother was distracted with one of his colleagues. I think I was about 7 years old and my brother and his friend were around 11. Suddenly I hear a noise; I looked back and I saw that the two were on the ground "fighting". I was desperate and ran screaming: 

- "Let go of my brother now!" You know what happened? They didn’t stop. I was scared to death; I even think he was going to kill Raphael (my brother). That provoked such a great revolt inside of me that I took an attitude that I would never have taken in a calm situation. 

I grabbed a broom and I started to run, hitting that boy away. My revolt encouraged me to take action and protect my brother. Once I started hitting him, he left Raphael and begged me to stop! 

Obviously, this was NOT the right attitude; after all, beating people is NEVER the solution to any problem. 

Friends, perhaps because you are a teenager the difficulties that you go through seems impossible for you to win. Things like: sex, smoking, drinking, and wrong friendships... seem much stronger than you. You want to say "no" when friends suggest you do something wrong, but maybe that's your impression: you feel small and helpless. 

Within you there is a power that can make you overcome anything, any temptation. 

You do not need to accept to and do what people say is normal. 

Be brave to say NO to what is wrong. 

Kisses and until next Sunday. 

By Raquel Ouverney. 

P.S..: Actually, my brother and his friend were not fighting for real, It was just a joke guys! But one thing is certain, they never played like that in front of me ever again .. lol

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Tft Advisor Liliana Pck said...

Oh my goodness,

Thank you mrs Raquel, me and brother could not believe as you are so sweet, thank you we did learn that in certain situations we must act be revolted!

And my brother says " that was awesome, it was funny, I enjoyed reading it!

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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